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New friends.....?

Help :)

I would like new friends, so I thought if I wrote a public entry, that some of you might link to it this entry in your journals and then maybe some of your really nice friends would add me? ;)

I'm Steph and I'm 30. I've been on livejournal for 10 years and I make a post here most days. We've recently moved to Yorkshire (where I was born) and we're living in a really small village that doesn't even have a shop (which is taking a little getting used to - especially in the snow!). I live with Dave, who currently works weekdays in London and our cat, Mickey.

I work from home and am currently self employed. I dont really know what my job title is, We have a number of websites and I work on them although I'm not a designer. So I tend to spend quite a lot of time on the Internet!

I'm quite a keen photographer and I do post quite a few photos (although I do try not to take over friends list pages!). I also like food, and (try to!) appreciate good food! Dave is an excellent cook and often has my friends taste buds tingling when they read my journal entries!

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I'll put a post on my LJ for you. :)

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Thank you :)

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Make yourself a cool job title, I would :)

Did you see the recent-ish friending post in the loos? I added a few new people from it.

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Hehe - I still wouldn't know what to call the job! ;)

I'm not a member of the loos anymore, I couldn't keep up with all the posts. ;/

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I saw the link on another newly added LJ friend's journal and came to check it out. I'll add you and link you up on my journal. I'm pretty boring, but it's always good to meet new people!

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yay - I was starting to think that there'd be no one! :)

Thanks - I'll add you now.

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Hey. I just added you. [Unknown site tag] (sp?) linked to you, and we have several common interests.

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Oooh, the mystery :)

Hello :)

I'll add you now.

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You sound lovely and a friend of amante is a friend of mine:) I've added you.

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*waves* hi!

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amante_donne sent me. I figured i'd come by, say hi, and friend you.

I'm soon to be 37, have tragic taste in music, and write waaaaay too much about work, my kids (who live with my ex--long story), and random stuff. Feel free to add me if you like.

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Sure - lets see how we get along!


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Hey :)
Saw your link in kittyalex 's entry. Would be great to get to know you better :0

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I'm Ayoub and I'm 38... I've been on LJ for 8 years and yeah, I'm a little nuts :D

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I'm a Stephanie too! ::grin::

Let's see...39, three kids (almost 18, 16 and 8), two cats, awesome boyfriend, pharmacy technician...and a tad bit insane. But two teenage girls and an eight year old boy will do that. Or at least that's what I blame it on. :o)

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Oooh, hello! I dont have any other Stephanies on my list and haven't actually known any!

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Came your way via [ profile] ayoub & [ profile] amante_donne! Check out my journal and see if you're interested in friending!

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Sure, shall we see how we get on?

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Hi, I am here via [ profile] ayoub! You seem very nice :-) so if you;d like, feel free to look over my profile and friend me. Most of my LJ is flocked, and I post about daily. Also feel free to check me out with Ayoub :-)

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Sure I'll add you, let's see how we get along?

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You definitely sound pretty interesting!

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hehe - I should probably take that as a compliment! I've added you.

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Hi, I'm Xandre. (That's me in the user icon.)

[ profile] ayoub sent me.

What is your preferred study for photography?

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Sorry, I may be being dense - I dont understand the question!

I've added you though - hehe :)

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I dont get a chance to post as much as I would like. I'm going slightly insane since I work full time as a nurse, write medical courses, go to school full time (working on my graduate degree), plus being the Mom to 2 children (pretty much grown now, they are 18 and 20).

We have a couple friends in common and I am always loving to meet new friends!

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Hey, wow, they are pretty grown up kids. You sound very busy!

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I added you!
I'm 26 and working on my third degree.
I am usually do short postings with some photos, since I travel a lot.
I also work for the forest service doing fire restoration studies.. this comes up more in the summer. :)

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THIRD?! wow! :)

hello :)

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You seem fantastic! Ayoub sent me over :)

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Came over from Ayoub's journal. :)

Hope you'll friend me back!

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I've added you.
(deleted comment)

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*nods* it's a good way to meet new people - my attempt seems to have been very successful - thank you for putting it on your journal.
(deleted comment)

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Hello, I'm here via [ profile] amante_donne; I've just recently started a new LJ and new friends are very welcome!

I'm 36 and work as a radiographer in Edinburgh; I'm sort of single and the light of my life is being posted to Afghanistan for 9 month on Feb 1st. I like card making, good red wine, reading and have started running (after giving it up 18 months ago)

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Hey, wow, what are you going to Afghanistan to do? the radiograph(ing?!)

I used to make cards with the photos that I took, but I haven't done that recently - I'm thinking about doing it again though. What kind of cards do you make?

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Found you from [ profile] annaelizc. Have added you. I'm Sandy, 23 and have been on LJ since 2001. I also live with a Dave (but my cat's name is Erin!) I enjoy photographic posts and mine in 2010 seem to have more photo entries than not. I love cooking and occasionally post recipes/pictures of food I make. My Dave is an awesome cook too (he's really good at throwing stuff together and making it taste good; I need recipes like fish need water, though.)

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Yes, my Dave does that thing too, where he looks in the fridge and sees a meal, I look in and think we're going to starve!! :)

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Dropped in via ayoub.
A local(ish) photographer? Excellent!

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Hi Steph! [ profile] ayoub sent me.

I'm Mel, I'm 31 and a giant goober head. I like taking pictures too but aren't very good at it yet, immature, and a geek.

Let's be el-jay friends! I've added you!

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I'm really wondering what a goober head is!! :)

lol :)

I've added you back!

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You seem pretty cool. We have friends in common. Mind if I add you?

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Certainly not! Let's see how we get along :) I'll add you now!

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I love making new friends. I'm 28, working as a counselor and mystery shop editor. I am something of an LJ addict although lately I've been physically socializing rather than just blogging about wanting to be socializing :P Connection is the most important thing to me, hence my chosen field. I'm also a runner and counter to the beliefs of my family, like being active, like dancing and other things. My journal is f-locked since clients could potentially find me but I'm happy to add people (just let me know so I can reciprocate, or you won't get to see much!)

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Hey! I'll add you and then we can see how we get along because most of my journal is locked these days too.

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