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Friends Only

My journal is friends only but I do like to meet new people. Read my user info and see if you think we'd get along.

Please comment if you'd like to be added to my friends list.

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I'm here from [ profile] catwoman2704's LJ.

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I've added you :)

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Hello :))

Julie [ profile] catwoman2704 said you were on the look out for new friends and she thought we might get on :) We have several friends in common and you may well have seen some of my comments (and photos of me from when I visited Sarah and Heth and met up with Julie in May). So I hope it is OK if I add you? There is a little public profile of my on my LJ

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Hello, cool - thank you for adding me. I look forward to getting to know you.

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I am also here because of Julie. :)

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Oooh, this is quite exciting getting lots of new people :)

Hello! :)
I'll add you back now.

Thanks for adding me.

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Hi Stephanie! My name is Daniela & I'd love to be added to your friendslist.

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I've added you now.

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add me please? [:

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where did you disappear to? :(

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Sorry, I wasn't really reading your journal or commenting.

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We have a lot of mutual LJ friends, would you like another new one?

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Sure, I'll add you now.


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Added you.

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Ayoub sent us over here. I'd be interesting in friending ya, even though I'm cutting my friend's list as we speak. lol :D

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Sure - I've added you now :)

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Yay! Okay. I warn you, though, that my journaling has been lax over the past year, so you might not find me too engaging. lol :)

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You're not selling yourself well! :)

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I would never misrepresent, and it is a fair warning (instead of a hard

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Hi! Kittyalex recommended you and you seem nice - friends? x

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We have a couple of friends in common and I've seen you comment before so add me? xxx

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*waves* I've added you back.

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Hello! Will we be lj-friends?

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Hi! Interested in getting to know you.

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Hi! Am interested in photography so would like to see your shots. Thanks!

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Hi, I added you. I found you on a UK add me community :)